What Can You Expect From a Professional Tree Consultation?

Tree Consultations

Tree Consultations Have you ever had a “tree consultation?” If not, you’re probably wondering what one is, right? Well, the trees on your property can be inspected in such a way that you learn a lot more about them and how they’re doing– are they healthy or not?

Think of a tree consultation as a doctor check-up. Just like you’d visit a doctor to find out about your health, you can have a professional tree expert– from Big Foot Tree Service, for instance– come to your property and check your trees and their overall health. If something’s “out of the ordinary,” then perhaps it can be treated, trimmed, fixed, etc.

What does a tree consultation typically entail? For starters, it’s a chance to discuss your concerns. You can talk with a representative from Big Foot Tree Service about your trees and landscaping goals. Maybe there’s an issue that has been bothering you and you want to know, “Can this tree be saved or is it dying for sure?” Better yet, you could find out, “Are there any long-term treatment options that would bring this one particular tree back to life for me?” Together, you and the tree consultant could walk around your property reviewing your green space, discussing the trees, shrubs and overall landscaping.

Next, a consultant would want to check the soil underneath and around your trees. In a holistic way, a tree is more than just what you see above ground, so it’s important to assess what’s going on underneath the ground, too. Is the soil acidic? Would adding mulch benefit the tree’s health? These are some things a tree consultant covers. Furthermore, if a storm should come, are there any parts of the tree that could cause damage to people or buildings? A tree consultant could perform a professional risk assessment, alerting you to potential dangers ahead.

Meanwhile, certain regions experience certain problems with trees, usually due to local pests and/or diseases that seem to spread from neighborhood to neighborhood. Are your trees infected?

Basically, a tree consultation involves plant and property analysis. Things get diagnosed and then a course of treatment is recommended, and, perhaps, implemented. Oh, and if trees have been lost to a storm, accident or wrongful cutting, a tree consultant can provide appraisals to determine their value should an insurance company need that information.