Protect Your Home From Overgrown Branches

Tree TrimmingTrees and big bushes on your property add beauty, charm, privacy and shade, but sometimes they need a trimming or to be removed if they get too close to your house and its roof. Now that we’re in the middle of the summer season, everyone is enjoying the outdoors while they can before the cold weather returns. Many homeowners are maintaining their yards and landscape.

Overgrown Trees Should Be Trimmed

One of the things you should keep an eye on are the trees and bushes around your yard, and especially take notice of any next to your house. Are their branches hitting your walls, gutters or roof? If so, Big Foot Tree Service of Wayne, New Jersey, can come trim the branches down so they don’t damage your home.

Also, do you have any trees leaning over, looking like they could hit your house if a storm were to blow them down or snap them in two? Big Foot Tree Service can install “cabling and bracing” to stabilize trees that look like they’re tipping awkwardly to one side. The Big Tree team can also remove any branches high atop the tree that have gotten too long for their own good.

Keep Your Home Safe from Damages

In your yard, do you notice a tree with several dead branches? It may be time to have it cut down and removed if it can’t be saved. To have a beautiful yard and one ugly, dying tree in it is something that bothers most people. Also, now is a good time to have tree stumps removed by professionals, so you don’t have to look at them all summer long.

Big Foot Tree Service has a team of professionals who maintain and improve the trees of many Northern New Jersey residential properties. Taking great care to get jobs done with efficiency, Big Foot Tree Service can be reached at 973-885-8000.