Tree Trimming & Removal Services in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Are you looking for a tree service provider in Northern New Jersey? Look no further! Big Foot Tree Service is the leading tree company to call for stump and tree removal services in Franklin Lakes and the surrounding region. We have the proper equipment, experience and expertise to complete your job in a safe and timely manner and unlike some tree removal companies, we completely clean up after every project – no messes, not even a twig!

Remove Those Unsightly Stumps

Having a stump in your front yard in Franklin Lakes can be a major eyesore and take attention away from the rest of your home, including your beautiful landscape. Ensure passersby take a second look in envy at your property by calling us for stump removal service.

Our crew will make sure your property boasts a well-maintained, stump-free yard, completely removing stumps while keeping the surrounding area in tack. We bring the equipment necessary for the job at hand so you don’t have to rent it yourself or do any of the work. We’ll also get in touch with your town’s local government to see whether or not a permit is required, and if one is required, we’ll provide everything you need to obtain it.

Safe Tree Removal

Are the trees on your property dead, diseased, dying or causing too much property maintenance? If so, call the experts at Big Foot Tree Service for an affordable removal solution. We can cut down the trees on your property, whether you need one removed or several. No matter the size, species or condition of the tree(s) you want removed, we’ve got everything covered.

If you need tree service or stump removal in Franklin Lakes, give Big Foot Tree Service a call today at 973-885-8000 to schedule an appointment.

big foot tree service truck parked on site side of big foot tree service truck