Is It Essential to Remove a Tree Stump?

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump RemovalAlthough a tree stump may be an eyesore in your yard, you may be wondering whether it’s a necessity to have it removed, or whether you can wait for it to decay or make it a problem for a later day. Although by definition it is not necessary to have it removed, it is the prudent course of action to do so. Here’s why:

Tree Stumps Are a Safety Hazard To Humans, Pets and Equipment

Tree stumps cause a safety issue to homeowners, especially when it is dark out as it can easily trip someone. What’s more, if you have small children and/or pets roaming around and playing in your lawn daily, a tree stump can cause injury.

In addition, a tree stump makes lawncare more difficult, and could cause a great deal of damage to your lawn mower if you accidentally run over it when trying to work around it.

Tree Stumps Attract Pests and Unwanted Plants

Whether it’s carpenter ants looking to feed on decaying wood or other insects in search of food, a tree stump often serves as a home to unwanted pests and insects. Carpenter ants may even set up shop right in the stump and lie down nests. And of course, anytime there is dying wood nearby, you have to worry about termites coming by, as well as microbes and other organisms appearing during the decomposition process. Intrusive plants like mushrooms can also develop, which could be a hindrance to other healthy plants nearby that you want to flourish, as well as a dangerous draw for dogs and cats.

Tree Stumps May Not Be Done Growing

Another disadvantage of leaving a tree stump in place is that the roots may continue to grow, which could cause all sorts of damage to your property. For example, a new root could hit a pipe, or damage a walkway or other part of your home.

As the old adage goes “it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry,” and this is especially true regarding tree stumps. At the very least, you remove an unsightly presence from your property, and in all likelihood, you’ll be removing a hazardous liability from your premises.

If you’re in the Wayne, NJ area and need a tree stump removed, contact the experts at Big Foot Tree Service.