Tree Trimming & Removal Services in Pompton Plains, NJ

big foot tree service worker trimming treeIs a large, bulky tree blocking your view to the outside from your kitchen window? Are you always cleaning out your gutters more than usual because of a large tree dropping leaves on the roof of your home? Do you dread raking leaves each fall season because of how many your trees produce? Big Foot Tree Service has a solution for you: tree removal.

Licensed and Insured Tree Removal Company

big foot tree service workers removing treesWe offer tree trimming and tree removal services, among others in Pompton Plains, NJ. Tree removal is a seamless process when you call us. You won’t have to do any of the work – no prep work and no cleanup needed. From start to finish, we’ll make sure the job gets done thoroughly, safely and efficiently. In fact, we’ll even take care of permits if necessary.

Our family-owned business puts your safety first and foremost. We are fully licensed and insured  by the state and we minimize the impact of our work to your surrounding landscape or property, meaning that you can trust that your yard will look as though you never had a tree there at all when we’re done.

We provide a complete range of tree removal and cutting services, from trimming work and dead branch removal to stump removal and cabling and bracing work to help damaged trees recover.

Whether your trees are simply unwanted, dead, old, dying, diseased, dangerous or storm damaged, the team at Big Foot Tree Service does it all.

Call us today to request a quote for your property in Pompton Plains at 973-885-8000.