Will Homeowner’s Insurance Protect Against Fallen Tree Limbs?

Homeowner's InsuranceEventually in life either you or someone you know will have to deal with an issue that’s not an everyday one, but when it does happen, it can be quite a pain. What do you do when a tree limb falls down off a tree and smashes into something or someone that’s on your property or your neighbor’s property?

Storms can wreak havoc on trees, and it seems like storms are getting crazier and crazier in recent times, to the point where epic rains, flooding, brutal winds and extreme temperature fluctuations are messing with both people and nature.

What would happen if that big, awkward tree limb that has been worrying you for years got struck by lightning and broke through your roof? Or how about a tree limb hanging over your fence, and accidentally smashing into your neighbor’s shed—or vehicle—after a windy thunderstorm comes through town?

If you have insurance—and most people do—it can be a real headache trying to get compensation for tree limb damage. Sometimes neighbors even go to court, fighting over whose ultimately responsible for the damage done by a fallen tree limb.

Tree limbs are quite heavy and can inflict a lot of damage when they fall.

Here’s the deal: if you have a tree limb in your yard that looks strange to you—the kind that could fall at a moment’s notice—then call New Jersey’s Big Foot Tree Service at 973-885-8000 to come “take care of it” safely before a storm does the job in a way you’d wish it didn’t.