Why You Should Remove Leaves and Debris From Your Yard

Raking leaves

Raking leavesIt’s that time of year again. Fall is right around the corner. Thankfully there will be some pretty leaves to look at on the trees. Oh wait– they’re falling off the trees. Now they’re on the ground. Your lawn is covered in them. Maybe the kids want to jump in them. Might the wind blow them all away? Or is it time to rake and mow?

Potential Mold Problems

Why is it important to remove fall leaves and debris from your yard? Well, if you leave that stuff on your lawn, guess what could form? Mold! Do you want a moldy lawn that’s ruined for next year? No, you do not.

Ensuring Your Grass Can “Breathe”

If you choose to not rake up and remove the leaves on your lawn, problems like snow mold and brown patch could happen. Meanwhile, your grass won’t be able to “breathe” as the layer of leaves blocks both water and air flow. The more matted down the lawn gets, thanks to heavy, wet, moldy leaves, the harder it is for grass blades to pop up in the spring. Furthermore, clumps of old leaves on the lawn invite pests and disease.

It’s Good For Your Soil

It’s a good idea to rake leaves because this helps aerate the lawn and soil. Think of it as a refreshing thing to do– kind of like running a comb through dirty hair. You can also use your lawn mower to shred leaves — and when the leaves are cut up into tiny little pieces, they’ll serve as free fertilizer for your lawn.

Tree services can be difficult to take care of when you have so many Fall chores to get done. Having Big Foot Tree Service come out to take care of tree and stump removal will allow you to eliminate any damages that your trees may cause.

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