Why You Should Have a Professional Remove Your Tree Stump

Tree Stump RemovalStorms damage trees. Chain saws cut them down. And what remains? The hard-to-remove stumps.

Why are stumps so hard to get out of the ground? Well, underneath the stump are strong roots. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, good luck digging and chopping with your shovel and axe. After all that hard work, how are you going to actually remove that heavy stump—by hand? No. You could attach a rope to it, and try to pull it out using your lawn mower or truck. It can get pretty dangerous, especially if the rope snaps. Once it’s out of the hole, where do you put the monstrosity?

Professional Stump Removal

Save yourself the time and frustration of stump removal by hiring a professional company like Big Foot Tree Service to do the work for you.

It’s a smart idea to remove stumps so they don’t get in the way of mowing your lawn. Stumps also trip people up, especially when they’re covered with weeds and a person doesn’t realize they’re there. In addition, old stumps attract a variety of pests who want to call them home. Termites, roaches, ants, squirrels and snakes are attracted to stumps.

Safety and Efficiency

A professional stump removal company has the proper equipment and know-how to remove stumps safely and efficiently. Since they do the job often, they become experts at getting stumps out without making a giant mess in the yard. Furthermore, with the right machinery, stump grinding can occur on the property, turning the stump into wood mulch—a good way to “recycle” these days.

Most importantly, getting rid of stumps makes a yard look nicer to passersby and the people who see it every day. If you were looking to buy a house with a nice yard, and two were exactly alike—same price, same layout—but one had seven stumps awkwardly scattered across  the front yard while the other had no stumps—just lush green grass—which would you prefer?

In Northern New Jersey, Big Foot Tree Service can and will get rid of your stumps professionally. Call the company at 973-885-8000 today and ask for a free estimate.