Why You Should Avoid Planting Trees in the Summer

Planting Trees in the Summer

In New Jersey, July and August are typically the hottest months of the year. Indeed, summertime is hot!

Do most landscaping companies plant trees during the summer months? Nope. They tend to plant trees in spring and fall when the weather is cooler.

Planting Trees in the SummerTrees, like people, don’t love extremely hot temperatures. If and when you choose to plant trees in the summertime heat, you’re probably setting them up to die unless you are meticulous about caring for them. Young trees, especially, need some coddling– they can’t handle too much stress. If the thermometer reads above 80 degrees consistently, newly-planted trees in New Jersey have to work extra hard to get through each day and survive.

It’s better to plant trees come September or October, when the temperature is cool enough to allow good root development in the soil.

Interestingly, if you have a tree that’s in a plastic container, you can plant it in the summer, making sure it gets ample water daily. The reason plastic container trees do well is because they’ve had time to establish a healthy root system in the container. Therefore, unlike bare-root or balled-and-burlapped trees, they’re probably not going to experience what’s known as “transplant shock.”

No matter what time of year you plant a new tree, when you do it’s important to make sure it gets enough but not too much water. How can you tell this? Look at the leaves. Leaves which are turning light brown and/or curling up indicate the tree needs more water. Leaves which are turning dark brown and looking droopy mean the tree is getting over-watered and needs a break.

Ideally, in the summertime, every couple days you should take the water hose, put it at the base of the new tree, and let the water flow for about 20 seconds. This should allow the water to soak deep into the soil, covering the tree’s roots with exactly what the tree wants and needs to grow. The best times of day to water trees and other plants in the yard include early morning and dusk, when the temperatures are cooler and there isn’t the intensity of a noontime sun overhead.

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