Why Tree Topping is a Bad Idea

Tree Topping

Tree Topping There’s something happening lately that baffles professional tree companies… and that’s the practice of “tree topping.” It’s a damaging tree pruning practice that’s “no bueno.” Yet some companies think it’s fine. They **think** cutting off the tops of trees will help stimulate tree growth, while also managing the size of the tree. While it may be a cheap and quick pruning method, is it good for a tree? At Big Foot Tree Service we would say “NO!”

What is Tree Topping?

What exactly is tree topping? It’s the removal of the whole top of a tree or cutting its main branches off, leaving behind stubs. Other terms for this practice include heading, dehorning, stubbing, hat-racking, rounding over or tipping. Whatever the name, we don’t recommend you do it. Why? Here’s why…

Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Tree topping intentionally creates open wounds that will have a hard time healing. Meanwhile, it takes away a whole bunch of leaves, making it much harder for the tree to make its own food. It’s essentially starving the tree– and it won’t grow like it should. The process of topping is also harmful to the tree because it exposes much of the tree’s bark to the sun– and that can ultimately damage the bark. It’s like when a pale person goes out into the sun without a hat, glasses, shirt or sunscreen for days on end in the summer– they’re going to fry and it won’t be pretty! Meanwhile, stubs are likely going to break thanks to storms with high winds. The tree itself can become disfigured. And it’ll start to look unsightly.

When certain trees grow tall and get close to power lines, what do some companies do? They tree top. Is it cheap and fast? Yes. But is it also harmful and ugly? Yep. As for the trees on your property in New Jersey– don’t let them become a victim of a tree topper.

Is there an alternative to tree topping? Yes. Find out what that is by calling Big Foot Tree Service at 973-885-5000. We offer free estimates and take care of many trees all over New Jersey. We’d be happy to see your trees and help you figure out what should be done to ensure they’re in great shape– and not topped!