Why Tree Stump Removal is the Smart Play

Tree StumpsTrees come with many benefits, such as adding aesthetic appeal to a home, providing the comfort of shade and privacy from onlookers. However, there are many instances where trees in the yard are more burden than benefit, especially if all that’s left is a stump.

If you have gotten to this point of being tired of looking at unwanted trees, a professional tree removal service can be there to take care of the situation.

Once the process of removing the tree is said and done, you’ll be left with nothing but a stump where the growing (or dead) tree once was. You can pay additional to have the stump removed, but maybe you’re thinking it’ll just resolve itself in time.

Overtime, the stump might lose its supply of what it needs to thrive and grow and just die off, but in case this doesn’t happen, you will want to consider killing or removing the stump.

The reasons behind removing a tree stump include:

  • A tree stump does nothing for adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Overtime the stump may become discolored and rot and will be a definite eyesore of the yard.
  • Stumps are dangerous. It is pretty much a sure thing that little ones will trip and fall over the stump at least once. A remaining tree stump can definitely damage a lawn mower if accidentally bumped into it or run over it.
  • It is just a pain to have to weed whack and cut your lawn around a stump. You might often find weeds growing around it, which can be difficult to cut down.
  • Tree re-growth can certainly occur from a remaining and live stump. It is very aggravating when you spend a good amount of money to remove a tree, only to have it grow back again because of the stump.

Professional tree stump removal is something Big Foot Tree Service specials in. If you are concerned about what tree stump removal entails, we are more than happy to ease your worries and discuss the process with you.