When Is It Necessary to Remove a Tree From Your Property?

For some people, trees, bushes, and other shrubbery are not only part of their lawn, but a part of their house. Certain types of trees can grow for decades and not show any changes, and other trees can sprout up to be over a hundred feet tall! A common factor between all types of trees, though, is that when they are dying or dead, it’s officially time for them to go. Once a tree is in either of these stages, it makes it more dangerous for the removal by the professional, and for the homeowner(s), it makes it even more costly.

When is it really time?

Sometimes it’s obvious when it’s time for a tree to go, and sometimes you have to a little of your own research. Obvious reasons for the removal of a tree would be, as stated above, when it’s dying or already dead. When decay is shown and when there are both large and small branches falling down, this is one of the first signs of a necessary tree removal. If you live in an area that is often struck by natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, you should take extra care for your trees because once a storm hits, the damage to the trees cannot be undone. One of the last main reasons for the removal of a tree would be if it starts to grow in a direction that is heading towards a house, telephone line, road, or other a play area. Though it may take a very long time for the tree to grow, once it starts leaning to one side, it becomes extremely heavy and could cause a dangerous situation.

Big Foot Tree Service is a company out of New Jersey that specializes in the more heavy duty work that comes with trees and stumps. Their services include: supplying permits, tree and stump removal, tree trimming, taking care of storm damage, and cabling and bracing of trees. Sure, you can clean up dead branches and chop down small trees, but what happens when you need a large oak off your lawn, or can’t stand to mow around that pesky tree stump? Big Foot Tree Service has got you covered!