What to Do if You Have a Diseased Tree

If you think a tree on your property has a disease, you may need to tend to it in order to help save it. Using bypass and/or lopping shears and a pruning saw, you can cut off diseased branches at a 45 degree downward angle, and then burn them or throw them away. To help prevent spreading the disease, dip your pruning tool into a mix of 70 percent denatured alcohol and 30 percent water in between cuts.

You can also consider applying a fungicide to the tree, to help get rid of disease. How do you know if there’s something wrong with the tree? Well, look for spotted leaves, discolored bark, scabby or disfigured fruit, and/or anything else that doesn’t look “quite right.” Some of the fungal diseases common to trees include brown rot, peach leaf curl, bacterial spots and perennial cankers. If you’re not exactly sure what’s wrong with your tree after a google search online, you can take a branch and leaves to your local nursery/garden center and ask for help discerning what’s going on and what can be done to properly treat it.

Some trees may be too far gone and not worth saving. With dead or dying tree limbs, insect infestation, and other unsightly things, it may be time to call New Jersey’s Big Foot Tree Service to come and cut down a diseased or dead tree. Big Foot Tree Service can also remove the stump.

When you have questions or concerns about trees on your property in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to call Big Foot Tree Service for help at 973-885-8000.