What Causes a Tree to Deteriorate and Die?

Spring is finally here, even if the weather hasn’t broken quite yet. This is the time of the year where homeowners get ready to start there spring cleaning and landscaping. When it comes to trees it’s important to not overdo the tree care because this can be bad for the tree’s health.

Did you know that putting a foot or more of mulch at the base of a tree is not good for it? Trees need oxygen and adequate water flow, and those huge, tall clumps of mulch deprive the tree of both. Plus, they look ridiculous.

Over-Caring for Your Tree

Also, did you know you can over water a tree? You don’t want to deprive your tree of water, but you don’t want to over water it either. If you see leaves turning yellow and reducing in number when they shouldn’t be, the tree may be over watered, which could kill it.

After a long winter, when plows put a lot of de-icing salt on the roads, some of that salt ends up in your driveway and down in the soil on your property. The combo of sodium chloride can end up in a tree’s roots, damaging them. In fact, de-icing salt in your soil tends to suck up the water, not allowing it to drain properly, leading to root rot and trees dying.

Solving Lawn Problems the Wrong Way

If you have your lawn sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, it may make your grass look nice, but it can cause some problems in the long term. In the case of trees, they may get discolored foliage and premature leaf loss. Some may even die.

And, of course, there are pesky bugs, such as beetles, that can seemingly take over a tree and slowly but surely kill it.

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