What Are Tree Cranes?

Tree Cranes

Tree CranesYou’ve heard of cranes, but have you heard of tree cranes?

Trees grow, and sometimes they grow so big that they can no longer support their own weight. When this happens, they might need a company like Big Foot Tree Service to intervene with a tree crane, providing structural support for big trees.

What are some reasons trees might need extra structural support to support their own weight? If they have multiple trunks, large canopies or branches attached with a “V” shape (which are prone to vertical splitting), then they might need tree cranes. Also, trees located in climates where there’s lots of snow or rain might need support, since the weight of wet leaves can become burdensome. Even something like strong winds can mess with a big tree’s overall structural stability.

Trees with long and heavy limbs growing horizontally or downward may need support from tree cranes. Also, poorly anchored trees planted in shallow soils may need some bracing.

Obviously, safety is the main reason a big tree’s structural support should be attended to when necessary. You don’t want parts of the tree breaking off and falling down on people or vehicles or buildings below.

Companies like Big Foot Tree Service have the necessary craning abilities to go high up into a big tree and make sure it’s supported. Cables and braces are often employed to ensure that the big tree is safer than before. This helps extend the life of a damaged tree as well as prevent hazards due to branch failure.

Basically, think of a tree like you would a person. If he or she had a bad leg, they’d wear a brace to help correct their problem, right? Trees do well with corrective measures, too. For any weak areas, cables can be used to stabilize branch movement and breakage. Cables can also be used to install bracing rods which prevent the “leaders” from moving sideways or spreading apart.

Big Foot Tree Service offers structural support services for trees throughout Northern New Jersey. If you’re worried about a tree or tree on your property that could use some bracing, and it’s “too high up” for you to deal with on your own, please call us today at 973-885-8000.