What Are the Best Trees to Plant in New Jersey?

Northern Red Oak Tree

Northern Red Oak TreeCome Springtime, people will be thinking about flowers, gardens, landscaping and trees. If you’re thinking of planting some new trees on your New Jersey property this Spring, what are some of the best trees to plant for the state’s climate and soil? Which trees thrive in New Jersey?

Hazel Alder

Have you heard of Hazel Alder? While that may sound like a lady’s name, it’s actually a multi-trunk tree complete with dense branches. It does well in wet soils and can handle partial shade to full sun. If you’re looking for a tree that grows between 10 and 20 feet tall, Hazel Alder works well in New Jersey. By the way, these types of trees are sometimes called Smooth Alder.

Tulip Trees

Who likes tulips? There’s actually a Tulip Tree, and it produces flowers that are in the shape of tulips. This type of ornamental tree provides good shade and grows fast.

Silver Bells

If you’re done singing “Silver Bells” for Christmas, consider the tree known as Silver Bell for Spring planting. With bright yellow leaves in the Fall and silvery blossoms in the Spring, the Silver Bell looks good year-round and resists disease.

Sweet Birch

Looking for a tree with shiny red-brown bark and yellow foliage? Get a Sweet Birch if you have a yard where it can do well in full sun and grow nice and tall– up to 50 feet! If the ground is a bit rocky and the soil is moist, plant a Sweet Birch and you’ll have yourself a nice shade tree in the yard.

Flowering Dogwood

Do you like seeing pretty white, pink or red flowers? One of the more colorful trees is the Flowering Dogwood. It’ll attract songbirds, too!

Black Spruce

Have you heard of the Black Spruce? It’s an evergreen that works well in New Jersey– it does well in cold climates. Growing between 30 and 50 feet tall, the Black Spruce offers foliage year-round, complete with a nice blue-green color, even though it’s called “Black Spruce.” Make sure to mulch around its base.

New Jersey’s Official State Tree

Finally, consider the Red Oak, New Jersey’s official state tree! Offering a tall, large canopy spread, Red Oak brings your yard beautiful Fall colors and invites area wildlife to it.

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