What are Cable and Brace Rods Used For?

Cable and Brace RodsWhen Big Foot Tree Service works on trees, it’s not unusual to see cable and brace rods used to help support their structure.

Considering that trees have a lot of parts to them, some of which may be weak to the point of wanting to fall off or down, thus hurting somebody or something in the process, it’s important that tree workers use cable and brace rods.

Cables are essentially high-strength steel ropes attached to bolts. They get attached to the upper crown of a tree with the intention that they’ll limit branch movement. Cables help keep branches in place rather than falling down during windy storms.

Cables can also be applied to help straighten out (or correct) a growing tree so that it can live a sustainable, healthy life rather than a deformed one. Cables are also used to save trees with a split trunk or support large branches growing at awkward angles.

Braces are rigid rods which give support through weak branch systems and stems in order to prevent twisting during storms.

Generally, cables are installed high in a tree while braces are installed lower, just above or below any defects. While cables are quite strong and can be used alone, if braces are used, they’re always supplemented with cables.

Overall, cables and braces are used to prolong the existence of a damaged tree, to reduce the hazard potential of a tree, and to help keep a tree healthy despite its structural weaknesses.

If you have a tree on your Northern New Jersey property that looks like it could benefit from cables or braces, call Big Foot Tree Service to come take a look and give you an estimate. Call 973-885-8000 to make your appointment today in order to help sustain the appearance and health of a tree in need. When you hire Big Foot Tree Service you can trust that workers won’t damage your tree or trees during the cable or bracing installation process.