Tips For Winterizing Your Trees

The trees in your yard can always benefit from your attention and care. With winter coming, trees can be “winterized” to lessen the chance of cold weather damage.

First, prune (cut off) any dead or broken limbs you see on the tree. Ideally, you should make a 45-degree angle cut in the limb about six inches from the break or dead portion of the limb. If any branches are close to touching the ground, prune them so they won’t touch the ground when rain or snow would weigh them down and/or invite pests onto the tree. If you notice any deadwood or damaged branches, twigs and/or bark, get rid of them.

Next, before the ground freezes, it’s a smart idea to purposely water the tree at least once a week in order to hydrate the roots really well. You can also spread fertilizer around the base if you so choose. If the soil around the tree is compacted or poorly drained, take a rake to it, therefore aerating the soil.

If it’s a small tree, or newly planted tree, consider adding “tree wrapping tape” around the trunk, which will help insulate it against sun scalding.

Spread six inches of wood chip mulch around the base of the tree to help protect the roots from the coming cold weather.

If you have evergreens, you can cover them with burlap, or, better yet, spray them with an “anti-dessicant,” which puts a waxy coat on a tree’s leaves and needles, sealing moisture in.

Should you have any specific questions regarding tree care and maintenance, don’t hesitate to call New Jersey’s Big Foot Tree Service today at 973-885-8000.