Tips for Preparing Your Landscape for Fall

Fall LandscapeAs the leaves change color on the trees and eventually fall off, it’ll soon be winter. What can you do to prep your landscape for autumn and the season that follows?

First, consider aerating compressed soil in your yard. You can use a garden fork or a walk-behind aerator to loosen up the soil. This process helps water reach the roots of the various plant life in your yard, including flowers, bushes and trees. All summer long the soil has gotten compacted; now it’s time to loosen it up a little.

Did you know your grass doesn’t stop growing until the ground temperature dips below 40 degrees or so? If you’d like to build up your turf, the autumn season is a good time to add a fertilizer rich in phosphorus to the lawn.

There’ll come a time when your lawn is ready for its final mow of the season. Leave it a little higher than lower– an inch and a quarter tall is good.

When leaves fall from the trees, take a plastic tarp around your yard and rake them up. You can then dispose of leaves in a compost bin, the woods, or however your municipality collects them.

Were you thinking of adding some new shrubs to the yard? Autumn’s a good time to plant them before the ground gets cold.

Speaking of cold, pretty soon the yard will be filled with snow and the days will become cold and windy. Before that happens, do some tree trimming to get rid of cracked, loose or diseased limbs. You’re welcome to call Big Foot Tree Service to take care of that– 973-885-8000. Big Foot Tree Service is a family-owned company serving Morris County, Bergen County, Essex County, and Passaic County, New Jersey. If and when you need tree trimming done in Northern New Jersey, call Big Foot Tree Service.