Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Trees on Your Property

Trees on Your Property

Trees on Your PropertyHave you ever driven past a yard and noticed the trees? In some cases, they look immaculate, as if someone tended to them on a daily basis, ensuring they look pristine. In other cases, they’re a mess, and you (and the rest of the community) wish the homeowners would clean up their act, right?

Obviously, trees can enhance the look and value of a property. What can you do to “get the most out of the trees” on your property?

Inspect Them

Each Fall, around September, prepare your trees for the colder winter weather that’s on its way. Inspect them for signs of disease. Notice if they’ve got insect or animal damage. Are there dying limbs to worry about? Prune branches that are getting out of hand. Nourish your trees using both water and mulch. And if you’re planning on planting new trees in the yard, Fall is the best time to do so.

Proper Spacing

Here’s something interesting to think about– your trees might be too close to a driveway or house and those structures might be hampering tree roots and growth space. When planting new trees, keep in mind that their root system extends two to three times the length of the branches. Try not to plant them where other things will get in their way.

Watch Out for Issues

How about diseases? Check your trees and look for changes, especially in color and/or evidence of stunted growth. Consult the Internet for info about trees and their diseases. Know which ones are common in your community. And consult with tree experts if you suspect something is wrong with your tree (or trees) and want to remedy the problem before it’s too late.

Where Will the Leaves End Up?

Finally, think about how a small, young tree will grow where you put it… is it going to end up dropping wet leaves all over the driveway? Basically, you want to pick the right tree for the right place, and consulting an expert from a company like Big Foot Tree Service can help you make smart decisions regarding the placement of trees around your property. For a fast response, call Big Foot Tree Service at 973-885-8000.