Things That Could Go Wrong When Cutting Down Your Own Trees

Cutting TreesCutting down your own trees is something you could do, but do you really want to do it yourself?

First of all, most of us do not have the time, tools or knowledge necessary to cut down trees on our property.

What if some high-up branches need to be removed first? How are you going to get that high up there to get at them? Do you have the right kind of ladder? Are you going to climb on your own roof and lean out hoping for the best? What if you fall off? Trees can be unpredictable. What if rotting areas or cracked branches surprise you in a bad way causing you to slip and fall? Oh, the hospital bills, not to mention all those weeks or months off work because you can’t stand on your own two feet until the body heals.

It takes a special kind of person to work high up in the air and not be scared. Fear of heights is a common thing for most people, but not professional tree workers.

The other major concern you should have before attempting to cut down your own tree is this: where is it going to fall? Far too many do-it-yourselfers have learned the hard way that trees can do a lot of damage if they don’t fall where they intended them to.

Don’t forget the danger of electrocution. Pity the amateur who tries to cut down a tree near telephone or power lines only to get the zap of their lives and be dazed and confused because of it.

Finally, while the average guy might like the idea of wielding a chainsaw around to cut down a tree, without proper training and guidance that guy might end up sawing off his fingers, toes or other valuable appendages. Sometimes it’s best to leave the chainsaw stuff to professionals.

Big Foot Tree Service of New Jersey can cut down trees in your yard properly. Call 973-885-8000 to arrange that so you don’t have to do-it-yourself and worry, “What if?!”