The Importance of Trimming Your Trees

When to trim a treeMaking sure that your property is taken care of appropriately is more than just mowing the lawn and watering the flowerbeds. The trees under your care more than likely require regular trimming, and it’s for more important reasons than merely aesthetic ones (although that’s certainly a bonus). Simply put, the proper trimming of your trees is an issue of safety for your home, yourself, and your loved ones.

To start, certain branches need to be singled out and cut back. Branches that are dying or are starting to show signs of weakness should be trimmed. If they die completely and are broken off by a high wind or other in climate weather, the falling branch could hit someone underneath. If the branch is hanging over a utility cable connected to the home, it could pull the line down. The branch could also break through a window, damage a roof, an automobile parked underneath, or any other number of expensive occurrences.

Aside from the safety issues, removing the dead or dying branches can actually make the tree healthier. If the branch has contracted a disease, severing the limb can end up saving the tree itself and stop the spreading problem.

Trees should be trimmed annually, as recommended by the Department of Agriculture. However, it is important to note that trimming some trees can be dangerous. Consult with a professional in case a tree on your property requires trimming for one of the following reasons:

  • The tree blocks visibility
  • Branches have already broken off or partially dropped onto utility cables
  • The tree presents an obvious danger to you, your home, or your property

If you are in Passaic County in New Jersey, please feel free to contact Big Foot Tree Service if you feel that one of your trees meets the criteria above.