The Different Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

Grinding Tree Stump

Grinding Tree StumpTree stumps are like pimples– they exist but most people don’t want them! Indeed, stumps can mess up the look of an otherwise pristine yard/landscape. Nine times out of ten, people want their stumps removed, and there are several ways to make this happen.

Generally, there are four ways to remove tree stumps: digging them out, grinding them, burning them, or using a chemical tree stump remover.

Digging Out the Stump

Digging out a stump is typically done manually using a shovel. It’s hard work and may take several hours or even days to accomplish. Digging out a stump involves moving around the edge of the stump, digging to expose all of its main roots. The roots need to be cut, typically using a root saw, and cleared away. Some choose to use an ax to do this. You might also need to use a grub hoe to pull out the stump’s roots. After removing the roots and the actual stump, the hole should be filled in with sawdust or loam.

Grinding the Stump

For mechanically-inclined people, grinding the stump is another way to remove it. This involves using a machine to grind up stumps all the way to their roots. Grinders can be rented, or you can have a professional company like Big Foot Tree Service come do the job. A shovel may come in handy during the process, to fully remove the grindings. Then the hole gets filled up with sawdust or loam.

Burning the Stump

What about burning a stump? That’s an option. It involves setting a wood fire atop the stump, such that the stump is in the middle of a big fire. While it may take several hours, the fire can burn the stump down to the ground. Later, use a shovel to pull out the ash and discard it safely. Like with the other methods, you’ll want to fill the hole using sawdust or loam.

Drilling the Stump

The fourth way to get rid of stumps involves drilling into the stump, creating holes in it. Then you put chemicals into these holes, which the stump will absorb. Chemical stump removers essentially soften the wood and help it rot away quickly over the course of a couple weeks. Once the stump is soft and mushy, a shovel can be used to chop and level it. Then burn a fire over the wood so it burns to the bottom, down to the roots. At the end, use sawdust or loam to fill the hole.

More often than not, it’s best to have a professional remove a tree stump from your property. If you need tree stump removal services in the Wayne, NJ area, contact the experts at Big Foot Tree Service today.