Signs That You Have a Diseased Tree

Diseased Tree

Diseased Tree Do you notice any funky-looking growths on your trees? One of the signs you have a diseased tree, for instance, is the appearance of fungi– which can be colorful growths, looking like a mushroom, conk or shelf-life structure.

Signs You Have a Diseased Tree

Fungi typically appear after a tree has been wounded. How does that happen? Well, say you’re cutting the lawn and you accidentally swipe the base of the tree with a part of your lawn mower. You think nothing of it, but now that tree has a flesh wound. Or maybe you take your pruning shears to some tree branches… and when you’re done, there are parts of the “inner” parts of the branches left exposed to the elements. Their protective covering has been pruned away, whether on purpose or accidentally. Hey, it happens. Other ways trees get wounded include excavators (coming along to carve out areas for sidewalks, for instance), trench builders (putting in or taking out water/gas lines), and even good ol’ wind damage thanks to Mother Nature.

Fungi are looking for a place to grow, and tree wounds are ideal. Therefore, a fungus will enter a wound and start to discolor it. Essentially, fungi cause wood to decay. Wood fibers get weakened. In many cases, roots get weakened, too, causing structural support problems for the tree– and it begins to look like it’s going to fall. Perhaps the tree begins to take on an asymmetrical shape. If you start to notice you’ve got large limbs that look like they’re dying and, indeed, they start to fall off the tree at the slightest hint of wind, you probably have a diseased tree.

Once a tree gets diseased it’s very hard to turn it around and make it completely healthy again– some might say it’s impossible. Over time, the tree may decay to the point where it becomes a danger to people and property around it. In that case, it’s time to call Big Foot Tree Service to come take it down and remove it safely and properly.

If you have diseased trees on your New Jersey property and you want them taken down and disposed of, please call Big Foot Tree Service at 973-885-8000.