Remember to Plant a New Tree After Having One Removed

The Benefits of Planting a new treeWinters in New Jersey can be harsh, with snow, ice and wind sometimes damaging trees around your yard. Big Foot Tree Service can remove damaged trees and plant new ones in their place. Trees make a property more visually attractive, and they’re good for the environment.

In fact, you may want to consider planting some new trees in your yard, in specific areas, to help cut down your energy bills. Trees are nature’s way of offering us shade from the hot, hot sun in the summertime, and blocking the cold, whipping winds of winter.

If you’re thinking of planting trees on your property this year, consider what kind of trees belong where in order to maximize their benefits to you and your neighborhood.

Deciduous trees—the ones that lose their leaves—make sense on the east and west sides of a house. When the leaves are on deciduous trees in the summer, they help keep your house cool. In the winter, with the leaves gone, they let the sunshine into your windows, helping warm the house naturally.

Evergreen conifer trees—the ones that are green year round—belong on the north and northwest side of your house, to protect your place from cold winter winds coming from the north. If you plant a row of evergreens no more than the distance of one or two tree heights from the house, they create an effective, natural barrier wall against the winds.

In Morris County, New Jersey, Big Foot Tree Service can help you figure out which trees to plant where—call us at 973-885-8000 to discuss your needs.