Methods for Removing a Tree Stump

Tree Stump RemovalsTree stumps are an eye sore and can get in the way of landscaping and enjoying your yard. A leftover stump might not bother some people, but if you prefer to have it removed, here are a few ways to do so.

You can try several methods for removing a stump; some may not work while others are completely successful. Here are a few options for completely removing the stump.

  1. Using a backhoe machine to dig out the stump and remove completely. This method does involve heavy machinery and can wind up making a mess of your yard and landscaping. Recovering from this method does involve repair to the yard.
  1. Another method with the use of heavy machinery is by using a grinder. The grinder is able to reach depths of 6 to 18 feet in order to completely remove all of the roots deep into the ground. The grinder will chew up the stump, giving you great composting material.
  1. To speed up the decomposition of the stump, you can use chemicals to kill it. There might be legal restrictions for using chemicals to kill the stump. This process could take several months to work, but what you’d have to do is wait for a dry season, drill several deep holes into the stump, pour in the chemical and then cover the stump.
  1. You could contact a professional landscaping and tree service to come and remove the stump for you.

As professionals, we have dealt with many stump removals. We would be happy to discuss with you on how we can remove a stump for you without hassle. Our methods work and our professionalism is second to none. Contact us today to learn more or to have us come out and examine your stump situation.