Many advantages to trimming trees

When you decide to trim a tree, you’re not only benefiting your yard, but the tree itself.

Trees that hang over your yard, pool, power lines or house can pose a threat to be much costly if left alone. All it takes is one wind storm to have couple hundred pound branch fall into your pool, or heaven forbid a window or roof.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to getting your Bergen County trees trimmed.

  1. Bergen County Tree ServiceHome Safety – Keeping your home a good distance away from hanging branches is important to the safety of your home and those in it. Think about it, your home is most likely the most expensive purchase you’ll ever have. Keep it protected by removing limbs that hang over the roof or siding.
  2. Fun in the Sun — Trees or limbs that hang over pools are really no fun. You’re pool is cooler in the shade and lying out on your pool deck isn’t very desirable when trees are running your tanning efforts. Also, getting trees trimmed that surround the pool will eliminate the threat of a branch piercing the lining if it were to fall.
  3. Removing Dead Limbs Improves the Health of Trees — When branches die, it can cut off the circulation of oxygen that flows to other parts of the tree. When that dead limb is removed, oxygen can now flow and regenerate that part of the tree. Remember, dead limbs are extremely weak. A big gust of wind could be enough to bring it down.
  4. Inexpensive – When it comes to the cost of removing limbs on a tree, it’s nothing compared to fixing a window, roof or a fence. Removing limbs saves homeowners money in the long run. Preventative maintenance is important in keeping your home not only looking its best, but maintaining the value of the home too.
  5. Better Lawn — Ask any homeowner what they would prefer, a better lawn or better looking trees, and they’ll mostly say a better lawn. When removing unwanted limbs from trees, more sunlight and rain water will hit the lawn

There are more advantages to getting your trees trimmed than these, but these are important reasons to give Big Foot Tree Services a call. Whether it’s a tree trim, full tree removal or stump removal in Passaic County, Big Foot Tree Service is the company for any tree job in New Jersey.