Make the Safe Decision When Debating Tree Removal

Decaying TreesWe humans certainly get attached to things, including trees. There’s something about trees that make them feel like part of the family. Sure, they don’t talk, walk or think, but they’re there for us, silently living nearby, giving us shade from the sun, protection from the wind, and, of course, a view of natural beauty that enlivens our day.

Trees give us leaves, pine cones, squirrels, birds and more. They’re life-givers. What happens, then, when the tree you love is no longer viable and needs to come down? You might want to cry. You might want to fight the idea because you’re emotionally attached to a particular tree. But in the end you have to let go. Why?

Well, there are many reasons to have a tree removed. If it has suffered from extreme storm damage, if it has died, or if it’s tipping over and in danger of hurting people or property, it should be removed.

Trees are a lot like pets. We get used to having them around, and we don’t like to see them suffer. We certainly don’t like to see them die. But when the bad times come, we must be strong and do what’s best for our trees. If that means removal, then calling Big Foot Tree Service at 973-885-8000 makes sense. They can even take away the stump.

Even though you may lose a tree or two, there’s always the option to plant a new tree in its place, nearby, or elsewhere to feel as if you’ve made a difference in this world. When one life ends, another begins and the circle of life continues.

A property’s trees are one of its greatest assets. When a property has several healthy, beautiful trees on it, its overall value increases. Simply put, people love trees and we do our best to care for them until their dying days.