Let Big Foot Tree Service Help You Clean Up Your Property after a Relentless Winter

Storm cleanupWhat a long, cold winter it has been! In New Jersey, it seems like it has been below freezing for months and months and months. Spring can’t come quickly enough.

Soon the weather will warm up, and it’ll be time to get outside and inspect your yard to see how it weathered the harsh winter.

Big Foot Tree Service
is gearing up for a busy season of helping many people in Montville, East Hanover and other communities in New Jersey clean up any tree mess in their yards.

Did a storm come through and damage a tree (or trees) in your yard? Big Foot Tree Service can remove whole trees from your property—getting rid of the dead and/or damaged ones. Still have stumps in the yard leftover from trees cut down years ago? They’re unsightly and attract bugs and critters. Let Big Foot Tree Service carefully remove them, too!

Before the trees in your yard go into full bloom, now’s the time to have Big Foot Tree Service trim them—especially the oddly overgrown branches that ruin the overall good looks of a tree or hang awkwardly up against the house’s wall and/or roof of the house.

Have you noticed a tree that seems to be bent over in a weird way, like it could tip and fall at any moment? Big Foot Tree Service can give it structural support in the form of cabling and bracing to help straighten it out. Kids get braces—so why shouldn’t trees?

Finally, some towns may require permits to do tree and yard jobs that involve digging and such. Thankfully, Big Foot Tree Service can look into that for you and take care of everything so you know if you need a certain permit, and, if so, what needs to be done to get it.