Landscaping Tips to Keep In Mind This Fall

Fall Landscaping Tips

Fall Landscaping Tips Besides raking up leaves this fall, here are some ideas to help you take good care of your landscaping (and yard) before winter hits.

Fall Landscaping Tips

First, you can (and should) cut your grass “one last time” before it snows. Therefore, even if it’s cold outside in October, cutting the grass is a good idea. Some people make the mistake of leaving their grass uncut from early September until the Spring, but that can result in “snow mold” because the too-tall grass gets packed down. Ideally, your grass should be three inches tall year-round, so do your best to keep it that length this Fall.

Next, Fall is a fine time to apply grass seed to bare spots on your lawn. During the summer, certain parts of your lawn might have gotten worn out from foot traffic or “burnt out” from intense sun. Those are the areas to add some lawn seed, making sure to aerate and water it well.

Also, if you’ve got mulch that you haven’t really tended to, Fall is the time to “fluff it up,” turning it so that it gets a refreshed look and absorbs water more easily. Generally mulch should be about two to three inches thick, so if you want to add some more before winter to “beef up” the look, you can. Did you know you can use your lawn mower to cut up fallen leaves from your trees? Then you can use that as mulch on your flower beds!

After summer annuals have had their time in the sun, it’s time to refresh your yard’s look with some Fall-appropriate mums and pansies. You can also take stock of the plants you’ve got and decide which ones to remove, which ones to re-space, and, looking around, where you could/should add some new plants to help fill your spaces better in the months and years to come.

If you have evergreens on your property, consider watering them in the fall months to help prevent dehydration in the winter. This is especially true if there’s hardly any rain in September or October.

Finally, take time to prune your trees, getting rid of branches that might damage stuff if snow and ice storms hit– and they probably will, right? Big Foot Tree Service can help you take great care of the trees on your property. Call Nick at 973-885-8000 for info.