Is Tree Trimming the Same as Tree Pruning?

Tree Trimming Vs. Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming Vs. Tree PruningA lot of people assume pruning and trimming are interchangeable words when it comes to trees. Interestingly, though, they are two different terms with two different meanings. For instance, they have distinct applications and functions. Meanwhile, they require different equipment– and timetables, too.

An Overview of Tree Pruning

How about pruning? It’s the term used when people are talking about trees and shrubs that need to improve their health because they’ve got parts considered infected, dead or broken. Pruning, then, cuts away these problem areas. Pruning is done to get rid of potential safety hazards and to make the trees or shrubs look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

An Overview of Tree Trimming

How about trimming? This term goes best with shrubs and hedges who need a cleaner look. Trimming is generally done for design purposes, getting rid of extra dense foliage which blocks sunlight and moisture from reaching the surrounding landscape.

Equipment Used When Trimming or Pruning

What kind of equipment is used by companies like Big Foot Tree Service to perform pruning and/or trimming services? Pruning involves hand sheers and loping sheers. The sheers are used to cut through stems– hand sheers for stems up to three-quarter inches in diameter and loping sheers for those one and three-quarters of an inch in diameter– to give you a general idea. For thicker branches, a pruning saw might be used. Meanwhile, trimming isn’t usually done with sheers. Instead, trimming is accomplished using electric, gas-powered or manual clippers.

When Is it Time to Prune or Trim?

As for timetables, most trees and shrubs benefit from annual pruning. Typically, dormant trees are pruned in the winter in order to facilitate springtime growth. To boost flowering capacity, have a tree or shrub pruned immediately after its blooming cycle. While pruning is an annual thing, trimming is usually done twice a year, which helps with “maintenance” of how the shrub or hedge looks. One of the best times for trimming is right after flowering season.

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