Information about Root Barriers

Above ground, you see what’s going on in your yard, but there’s also a whole host of activity underground, from bugs to animals, and plumbing pipes to tree roots.

The average person doesn’t think of “root barriers,” but these are important parts of what goes underneath the soil in your yard. A root barrier is an underground wall that effectively separates plants (such as trees and bushes) and hardscapes (such as the base of sidewalks and driveways) so they don’t interfere with each other.

Without a root barrier in place, for instance, a tree’s roots could creep on over to your sidewalk and bust it up– not good. Or tree roots could end up cracking a foundation. Or damaging utility lines. Yikes. Depending on the type of plant or tree, roots can be mild or quite aggressive. Either way, it’s best that they’re contained, as out-of-control roots can wreak havoc in a New Jersey yard.

Root barriers can be mechanical or chemical. While chemical barriers work by essentially stopping the root in its track, it also kills the tree roots it comes in contact with, so it’s not ideal. Mechanical root barriers, on the other hand, work with the roots, allowing them to grow– but re-directing them downward.

When you plant a new tree in your yard, consider using a root barrier to avoid future repairs and damage to nearby hardscapes. As for existing trees, root barriers can be installed around them, too.

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