How We Can Help If a Severe Storm Causes Damage to Your Trees

Winter Storm It’s that time of the year again when temperatures drop below freezing. Winter can be really tough on a person’s home and their yard. Winter storms, in particular, can be brutal, complete with ice, sleet, snow, rain, flooding, thunder, lightning, and whipping winds. Just like the holiday song Let It Snow says, “The weather outside is frightful!”

How do winter storms form? Basically, two air masses with different temperatures and moisture levels meet up and fight it out. Typically, cold air from Canada swoops down to the U.S. and clashes with warm air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. Where these two air masses meet, expect a winter storm.

In New Jersey, you probably hear the local news stations issue “winter weather advisories.” This means you should watch out for freezing rain, sleet and snow. A “winter storm watch” warns people to expect heavy freezing rain or snow. Finally, a “winter storm warning” is issued when the storm is imminent. If the wind gusts are expected to be above 35 miles-per-hour for three hours or more, then it’s called a blizzard.

Winter storms and blizzards can break the limbs off of trees. In some cases, trees may topple over due to high winds and freezing precipitation weighing them down.

Should you experience broken or downed trees in your yard this winter, Big Foot Tree Service handles emergency tree removals in New Jersey. Hanging limbs can be dangerous, and if a tree falls in the yard, especially close to a home or over a driveway, it needs to be taken care of promptly.

Big Foot Tree Service has the kind of workers who can handle tree removal even during the harsh winter weather conditions. With affordable prices, Big Foot Tree Service handles tree removals in several counties throughout Northern New Jersey. Call 973-885-8000 for emergency tree removal service.