How Tree Damage Occurs During Storms

Storm DamageDamage to trees can cause serious problems in an area. When a tree falls due to breakage or damage, it can destroy a house, block roadways, and be potentially unsafe to those who live and are walking and driving in the area. Storms are a major culprit when it comes to falling branches and trees. In fact, there are few different ways that treacherous weather can cause a tree to fall, which could cause significant damage in the process.

Root Damage

Many trees fall during storms due to root loss. This can occur because of improper excavation in the area. For example, if a construction company or a utility company digs too close to the roots, it could compromise the structure of the tree. If a homeowner is aware of utility or construction work being done near a tree on their property, they should speak up and make sure that the excavation is being done correctly, before root loss occurs, and they see the results of it during the next big rain storm or hurricane.


If there is any tree decay, such as fungi, this makes the tree more susceptible to falling over during a bad storm and strong winds. There are ways to detect decay in a tree; a tool called a resistograph can detect decay in a tree, from the outside of the tree bark. Consult a professional if you suspect tree decay in a tree in your yard. They can give you the proper advice before the tree causes any irreparable damage.

Root Disease

A tree can appear healthy on the outside, and still be suffering from root disease. Though the tree looks strong to the eye, the root disease has weakened the structure of the tree, and the damage may not be noticed until a serious storm comes along and attacks the weakened tree, causing it to break and fall.

Weakened Tree Structure

Some trees are unstable due to a weekend tree structure, which is usually caused by twisted, multiple, competing tree trunks. This problem can be prevented through good tree maintenance when a tree is young. If you have an older tree in your yard that may have a weakened structure, call a professional to ask if the tree can be braced or cabled to keep it from breaking and falling.

If you are a land owner with trees on your property, be sure that they are regularly groomed and treated for any decay or disease, or removed if necessary. The damage and cost will be much greater if you wait until a storm comes along, and the tree falls on power lines, blocks a road or driveway, or even worse, falls on your home.