How to Make Your Yard Look Great This Summer

Summer Landscaping Tips

How can you make your yard look great this summer? Well, it’s a good idea to do some trimming to tame nature a bit.

For instance, if you have trees with dead hanging limbs on them, cut those off. Prune trees and bushes so they’re not out of control. You’ll especially want to pay attention to long branches that start interfering with things like your A/C unit, gutters, downspouts, and roof. Big Foot Tree Service can do tree trimming if you need it.

Areas of Your Lawn to Pay Attention To

Summer Landscaping TipsIf you have big bushes near your house, now’s the time to trim them down. This serves two purposes. For one, the less “bushy” they are, the less moisture they’ll have trapped, which helps keep away bugs such as termites from your place. Secondly, homes with bushes near them practically invite burglars who can use them for cover to get in and out of homes at night. So, trimming (or eliminating) bushes near or next to the house can do a lot of good to help the overall yard look great this summer.

In a related thought, some homes have ivy vines growing near or on them. Like bushes, vines invite insects. Furthermore, vines tend to “eat away” at the mortar in between bricks on a house, so while they can look very nice, you don’t want vines to get out of control over time. Trim them often. If possible, buy and install a trellis that you can place a few feet away from the house, and encourage the vines to grow in that direction, which will help beautify the yard in a unique way.

Many people like to decorate their yards with various items they buy at stores, such as water fountains, birdbaths, windmills, chimes, and flowers. All of these things can add charm and character to a yard. You just don’t want to “overdo” it, though, because there is such a thing as “too busy” of a look.

Remember to Do These Things After Mowing

Keeping your lawn mowed so that it’s not too tall is a good idea. Most people cut the grass about once a week during the summer. Any time you can use a trimmer/edger to get at the hard to reach places, do that, too. The more maintained a lawn looks, the better the overall yard looks. Of course, if you have a backyard that no one sees, and you want to “keep the edges wild,” you’re welcome to do that. Keep in mind, though, that tall grass, bushes and untamed flora and fauna invite small animals, bugs and more. It’s up to you how natural you want your yard to be.