How Often Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

Tree Care Operator

It seems like only yesterday it was winter, and that meant we hardly spent time outdoors. But come Spring, the weather in New Jersey warms up to the point where we’re back outside, putting down new mulch around trees, planting flowers along our sidewalks, and looking around our yard for anything and everything that “needs to be done.”

Trees Looking a Little Shaggy

Tree TimmingHave you noticed some of your tree branches are hitting your roof? Or are some of your tree branches just getting so big and long that they seem out of control? Big Foot Tree Service can trim your trees, but most people wonder, “How often should they be trimmed?”

How Often You Should Trim Trees

Generally, when a tree is trimmed (or pruned) about 25% of growth is removed. It’s kind of like a haircut. For shade trees, trimming typically occurs every two to seven years, while evergreens, if they’re not near anything, generally never need pruning.

Trimming generally involves removing any dead or dying branches from a tree, as well as thinning out its crown and raising lower limbs in order to open up the view for people so it’s not so “bushy.” Think of pruning as a “planned injury” to a tree– a good one. It’s essentially preventative maintenance.

Younger trees as well as older ones benefit from a trim now and then. Overgrown branches can detract from the looks of a property, so companies like Big Foot Tree Service can trim them down to look their best.

Big Foot Tree Service in New Jersey

As tree trimmers serving Paramus, New Jersey, as well as several areas throughout the northern part of the state (including Bergen County, Essex County and Passaic County), Big Foot Tree Service has built a solid reputation for expert, affordable tree trimming services. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a good time to have your trees trimmed before summer arrives.

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