How Close Should I Plant a Tree Near my House?

Planting tree away from your house

13237304_SNow that the weather is warming up, people are paying more attention to their yards and what’s in them. Many are considering the addition of some bushes or trees to their property for aesthetic reasons.

Planting Trees Near Your House

Have you ever noticed a tree that was planted too close to a house? Its branches are constantly hitting the roof, especially in the wind, making noises and scattering messy dirt and leaves around the roof and sides of the house. And eventually the leaves end up clogging the roof’s gutters, which can lead to a mess not only on the ground, but in a person’s basement when water sneaks inside.

If you look at a tree, notice how big it is, and then consider its root system looks about the same size underground. Now do you want a huge tree’s roots interfering with your home’s pipes, cables and other buried items? Oh no, you don’t.

Ever notice lots of cracks in a buckled sidewalk leading up to a house? That’s probably because tree or bush roots messed it up.

And as for bugs: they love shrubs and trees, and when you have them within a foot or two of your house, the bugs are going to use them as bridges to get both on and in your walls. Yuck. Do you want termites? Heck no.

Give Your Tree Some Space

When you’re choosing on where to plant your tree, give it some space from your house. You’ll avoid the hassle of damages or problems down the road to your property or home if the tree is too close to it. If a storm comes roaring through, you won’t have to worry too much about your tree or the branches falling on power lines or even your house.

If insects and pests infest your tree for some reason, you can solve the problem without having to worry about disease spreading or an infestation moving into your house.

Big Foot Tree Service can remove any bushes, shrubs or trees that you think are too close to your house, and even grind away and get rid of stumps
. Better yet, if you’re thinking of planting or moving trees on your property, give us a call at 973-885-8000 so we can help you determine the best location for them so as not to disturb your house, driveway and sidewalks.