How Cabling and Bracing Can Save a Tree

Tree RepairOften times, homeowners will find that, for whatever reason, trees on their property will start to lean in one direction.  Not only will the leaning tree look awkward to homeowners and passers-by, but it’s also important to note that it could fall at any minute, possibly harming someone or something in the process.  Most likely, some of the structurally-important branches were damaged in storm, making the tree vulnerable.

Luckily, Big Foot Tree Service of Wayne, NJ can help rectify your “leaning tree” issue. We use a tension cable and bracing rods to help return it to its normal and stable position.  This is done by attaching a steel cable to the tree using bolts installed at the tree’s top.  The cable is reminiscent of how a boat has a line with an anchor in order to keep it in a certain spot.  The tree cable creates a good tension—it runs from the top of the tree to the ground, serving as what could be called a “tree anchor.” Then, Big Foot Tree Service incorporates bracing rods through weak branches and some of the stems to help further support the beloved tree.

This process is reminiscent of how kids get braces for their teeth. The braces are meant to nudge the teeth in directions they should go in order to look and function their best. Trees with cables and bracing rods can be “improved,” too. Nice!

Cabling and bracing done by professionals like the guys from Big Foot Tree Service help ensure trees in your front or back yard can be safe and secure for years to come.

Big Foot Tree Service offers free estimates if you’re thinking about having a tree or two on your New Jersey property cabled and braced; just call us at 973-885-8000 today to discuss options.