Have Your Trees Professionally Trimmed This Spring

Trimming Trees

Trimming TreesNot everyone enjoys doing yard work, but after a long winter, it is nice to walk around the yard and see how things are doing– taking a detailed look at things you haven’t looked at in months.

When it comes to your trees on your property, it’s important to maintain the health and the look of them throughout the warmer months. Getting a head of the game in the spring is crucial.

The Benefits of Having Your Trees Professionally Trimmed

Take, for example, the trees in your yard. When’s the last time you had any of them professionally trimmed? All too often, people wait ‘til “the last minute” to call in a professional trimming company like Big Foot Tree Service. You know how it goes: a tree looks like it’s dangerously going to fall on a house, vehicle or person in the yard, so it must be trimmed immediately, right?

That said, springtime is an ideal time to get trees trimmed whether they’re “on the brink of falling over” or “just a little overgrown by now.”

Trees go dormant in the winter. They basically take a rest– much like most people! Spring, though, is the time to grow again, so it’s like Mother Nature turns them back on, and suddenly they’re sprouting leaves and looking alive again. Right before all this takes place, it’s a good idea to have a trimmer come and “prune” away the dead branches, as well as get rid of diseased or pest-ridden parts of the tree(s).

Safe Trees on Your Property

For most, it’s a safety issue. A good trimming will help clear paths so people aren’t hitting their heads (or eyes). Trimmed up trees make it easier to get in and out of driveways. Plus, before more storms hit New Jersey, a good trimming can help prevent “the big one” from falling down at the time you least want it to– mid-storm!

Have Big Foot Tree Service trim your yard trees this spring. This will help support new growth and make your tree or trees look better for all to see and enjoy. Trimming also helps shape the growth of the tree so that it looks pleasing to the eye. Canopies can also be thinned out, as needed.

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