Don’t Get Stuck with Stump Issues – Remove It Today!

Regardless of the reason, when you decide to cut down a tree in your yard you face the question of whether or not to remove its stump. Now you might think that you don’t need to because you don’t see it affecting your yard in any way. However that is not case at all and there are numerous reasons why you should remove it.

Why Get Rid of It?

One of the obvious reasons to get rid of the stump is because its look is not very aesthetically pleasing. You might not want to see a random hole on your grass all the time and if you are entertaining you want to make sure your yard looks neat and well kept. Another reason to remove it would be to eliminate any new growth. When the stump is left, new sprouts can pop up and result in small trees growing around it. This is not only unsightly, but can end up becoming quite expensive to contain. Also, due to the fact that stumps take a long time to decays, they can attract insects that could eventually spread to your home and cause damage to it. They can also be hazardous to kids and adults who are active in the backyard because if they trip or fall, the liability will fall on you, so it might be smart to get rid of it and avoid any potential pitfalls like this.

Big Foot Tree Service offers residential tree cutting and stump removal throughout Northern New Jersey. We will work hard to make sure the job you need done is completed to your expectations. For more information on our services, contact us today!