Do Tree Stumps Grow?

Tree StumpsIt’s that time of year, again, when people are starting to get outside and look over their yards, doing spring clean-up and more. As the weather warms up, the grass gets greener, flowers spring up out of the ground, and colorful leaves begin to fill up the trees in New Jersey.

And then there are those stumps.

You know—the leftover parts of trees that don’t look very attractive, but you’re not sure how to get rid of them? Underneath stumps are many, many tree roots.

Trees grow because their leaves bring the nutrients needed to the roots, so when a tree is cut down leaving just a stump, you’ll typically see no stump growth. However—and this is where it gets interesting—some stumps sometimes regenerate into new trees.

Little “stump sprouts” can appear around the edge of the stump or from the roots, and grow rather quickly.

Think of a stump like a dragon in a movie that the hero is trying to kill, but it just won’t die. Even after taking a sword to its body, assuming it’s done for, that dragon still manages to shock everyone with a comeback!

Stumps are like that—every once in a while they somehow manage their comeback. Now if you don’t want that to happen with your particular stump, you need to call Big Foot Tree Service to come dig the thing out and grind away the roots until they’re gone from your yard.

Now is the time to have your stump(s) removed; call Wayne, New Jersey’s Big Foot Tree Service today at 973-885-8000 and ask about a free estimate.