Caring for a Tree Before and After a Storm

StormsStorms can cause a considerable amount of damage to trees and if they are on your home’s property, they can lead to home damage as well. That’s why as a homeowner it’s imperative to know what do to with a tree before and after a storm. Here are some tips to help.

It’s a good idea to get the tree inspected annually, that way you will be notified of any potential hazards. Some of the things they will look for during the inspection include cracks in the trunk or major limbs, weak and poorly attached limbs and branches, and root injury or decay. Once these are identified, the company can usually suggest or complete the necessary work to make the tree safer. In addition to all of this, you can help the tree by installing new fertilizer and regularly pruning it. Doing so will not only help keep the tree healthier, but more resistant to damage as well.

Even though you may have prepared, sometimes it doesn’t help and maybe your home has been damaged by the tree in your yard. First things first, go out and assess the damage. If you are unsure how to proceed, contact an arborist and let them point you in the right direction on how you should handle the situation. Keep in mind that it may seem like a good idea to just get rid of the tree if it is damaged, but the reality is trees are very helpful to your landscape; therefore, if you’re going to take it down, make sure it is the right decision before you do it.

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