Can Tree Stumps Cause a Termite Problem?

You do not want pesky termites eating away at parts of your house, let alone even taking residence in your yard. If termites find a place in your yard to take up residence, once they finish their collective meals and need a new place to gnaw on, you know where they’re headed? Right for your house!

Termites are bugs and they eat a variety of things containing cellulose, such as leaves, grass, and tree bark. Those are all well and good for a termite, but what they really crave—the food that they can’t seem to get enough of—is wood, especially decaying or rotting wood.

Did you have some trees taken down in your yard, with the stumps left behind? Guess what— those stumps attract termites. Why? Well, stumps collect precipitation (rain) and that moisture promotes fungal growth. Termites are like, “We’ve discovered the best buffet around!”

Keep in mind, too, that a tree’s old roots typically extend several feet from the stump. These roots can become like highways for termites, right up to your house’s foundation.  Not good.

With that in mind, here’s a solution to making your yard and your home unfriendly to termites. Get the tree stumps removed by professionals, like the guys from Big Foot Tree Service of Wayne, New Jersey. They won’t damage the surrounding yard, but they will literally get rid of unsightly, termite-attracting stumps for you quickly and efficiently.

Grinding stumps to remove them helps kill the root system—the underground highway to your house—and if there are termites around, they get exposed to predators like birds, which means nature does a good job of helping rid your yard of those annoying pests.

Do you have tree stumps that need removing? Call Big Foot Tree Service at 973-885-8000 today to take care of them.