Big Foot Tree Service Provides 24-Hour Winter Storm Damage Cleanup

While most trees are tough, winter storm damage can happen because the weather can get so nasty. Have you noticed how windy it has been lately? Don’t forget freezing rain and the ice and snow all messing with your yard’s trees. Winter weather is intense.

How do you know if a tree in your yard is in trouble due to damage?

First, look to see if any of a tree’s major limbs are broken. A major limb is to a tree what an arm or leg is to a person– very important, obviously.

Next, notice any wounds where branches have broken or tree bark has been damaged. The larger the wound, the less likely it is to heal.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the upper trunk/top of the tree breaks off, resulting in a tree looking aesthetically odd. It may need some selective pruning in the future, and/or you might want to consider removing the tree if it just doesn’t look right.

Finally, perhaps the tree is too close to a power line or your home, and a storm has damaged it to the point where it could negatively interfere with what’s around it– it may be time to consult Big Foot Tree Service on what to do about that.

Did you know that New Jersey’s Big Foot Tree Service is ever-ready to respond to your needs, day or night? Call 973-885-8000 if you have concerns about a tree or trees on your property. Available 24 hours a day, Big Foot Tree Service can be there when you need them!