An Interesting Tree Stump Vantage Point

Tree StumpsAs we recently celebrated Earth Day (April 22nd), it got us thinking about tree stumps. Did you know there’s a photographer named Joe Freeman who did a project called “Clearcut” showcasing aging tree stumps at the historical Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State? Why would a photographer want to take pictures of old stumps?

Freeman discovered the stumps after photographing wildfires in the Pacific Northwest. He came upon the stump site while driving back to Seattle and felt compelled to stop. With a little research, he surmised that the stumps dated back to 1917 when the trees were probably cut down before nearby Keechelus Lake was dammed up. Loggers could sell the trees and make millions. After the dam was constructed that area would be flooded, so it made economic sense to remove the trees before that would happen.

To this day, the stumps have been well-preserved, having been partially submerged in water over the years. Freeman decided to photograph them because of their anthropomorphic nature, which is basically a fancy way of saying that they had looks that took on human characteristics.

In an area where a thick quicksand covers much of the ground and there’s typically an eerie silence in the wilderness, the photographer felt like it was a strange and solemn place not meant to be seen by humans.

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Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places; even stumps can make for great art.

The thing about tree stumps is this: left in “the right spots” they can really add to the overall look of a place. They’re not always bad to have around, right? But then there are the unsightly ones that seem so out-of-place that you just can’t wait to have them removed. That’s where Big Foot Tree Service of New Jersey comes in. If you have stumps in your yard that don’t look good where they are, have Big Foot Tree Service come take them away and restore your yard to its ideal look. Call 973-885-8000 and ask about Big Foot’s stump removal service today.