A Tree Care Checklist for the Fall

Tree Care for Fall

Tree Care for Fall As autumn approaches, you know what that means: temperatures will get colder and leaves will fall off trees. As we move into the winter months, autumn is a good time to pay attention to the trees in your yard and on your property. What are some ways to prep your beloved trees for colder weather and the change of seasons?


First, place some organic mulch under/around trees this October. Fresh mulch will help your trees retain water while also reducing temperature extremes in the soil. Mulch acts like a comfortable blanket for trees, providing them with some protection from harsh elements. It’s advised to add about 2 or 3 inches of mulch around trees. Note: don’t pile it against the trunk in a volcano formation, but, rather, spread it around in a “donut” shape.

Watering Plan

Next, keep in mind that droughts can occur in winter just like they can in summer. Therefore, spend some time watering your trees in the autumn months to help prepare them for the winter months when the top of the ground becomes snow covered and/or frozen. It’s a good thing to have moist soil going into winter, because moist soil will actually stay warmer than dry soil. This helps protect a tree’s roots.

Also, if you have young trees, autumn is a good time to wrap their base with some sort of protective guard like plastic, burlap or metal hardware cloth. Remove the guard(s) in spring.

Pruning Time

Autumn is a smart time to prune trees, especially after leaves have fallen off making it easier to see how the tree’s structure is faring. Pruning is like giving a tree a haircut– it helps relieve stress while also encouraging growth.

Avoid Ice Melting Products

When cold weather sets in, be careful with ice melting products near your tree roots. Tree roots don’t do well with “rock salt” (products containing sodium chloride). If you’re at the store looking for ice melting products that won’t annoy your trees, look for ones containing potassium, magnesium chloride, and/or calcium.

Plant New Ones

Finally, if you’re thinking of planting some new trees and wondering if autumn is a good time to do that, know this: it is!

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