5 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Yard

Did you decide that it was finally time to remove a tree from your property, only to realize that a certain part of the tree was left behind? We’re talking about the tree stump of course, which often remains in homeowner’s yards even after the rest of the tree has been cut and removed.

Some homeowners choose to leave the stump and let it decay organically; however, that may not be the most prudent course of action to take. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why.

  1. Tree stumps can become a home for pests you do not want anywhere near your property. Do you want your yard to become a haven for ants or other obnoxious insects? Of course not.
  2. Length of time. Sure, today saying we’ll just let it decay naturally sounds like a solid option. But did you know that it takes several decades for a tree stump to decay naturally? Do you really want to way that long?
  3. It takes away from the appeal of your property. Let’s be honest, tree stumps are unsightly. To expand on number 2, do you really want to stare at an ugly tree stump for an extended period of time?
  4. They could be dangerous. If you have children and they’re outside playing with friends, a somewhat covert tree stump could lead to a twisted ankle or worse. Moreover, they will certainly get in the way when it comes time to mow your lawn, rake leaves or perform other landscaping duties.
  5. It could lead to more tree growth. The whole purpose of cutting down the tree was to remove it from that area on the property, right? Well, leaving the stump behind could promote new sprouts to cultivate, which could force you to start the process all over again.

If you’re in the Wayne, NJ area and have an obnoxious tree stump taking up valuable space on your property, then be sure to contact the tree stump removal specialists at Big Foot Tree Service.