Get Your Property Ready for Fall

Fall Maintenance Fall is right around the corner, which means winter is that much closer. Before the weather gets too chilly and you’d rather spend your time indoors, there are some things you’ll want to get done in your yard.

Making sure your property is in order will make it that much easier when the snow comes, and you can relax for the winter  – instead of worrying about the state of your property. Before that first snowfall hits, here are four simple property maintenance projects to take care of.

1.    Clean out your guttersThis is best done after all the leaves have fallen, but check your gutters to make sure they’re clear of any debris. Filthy gutters can cause expensive water damage and foundation issues.

2.    Check your roofMake sure there aren’t any missing or loose shingles on your roof. By having your roof in ideal condition before winter, it’s less likely that the elements including rain, sleet, snow and ice, will wreak havoc on your roof. It’ll also help ensure that you don’t have any leaks.

3.    Clean out your garageNot only will this make your life much easier in the spring/summer, it will also help ensure that everything is put away for the winter. After all, you don’t want to leave anything out that could rust or get ruined! We suggest cleaning your tools and summer gadgets before putting them away to keep them in peak condition.

4.    Install storm windows and doorsFor obvious reasons, take out your screens and replace them durable storm windows and doors! Before storing your screens in a dry area, take some time to clean them and put them in protective coverings.

What are some of the fall property maintenance projects you complete during the fall? Share some of your own tips and tricks in the comments below!